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"Guns & God: Lines in the Sand" - the book & ebook

GUNS & GOD is an exciting tale involving murder, conspiracy, and infidelities that jolt a community as two neighboring families collide over political ideas about gun laws. While one family tries to usher in stricter legislation, the other struggles against it in order to expand its empire of gun sales from rural Arkansas. However, when patriarch Luke “Fuzzy” Rose learns that his brother, Searcy, will stop at nothing to overtake the family business, all hell breaks loose sending the family and the community on a manhunt to end Searcy’s dark plot.

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"Guns & God: Lines in the Sand" - the audiobook

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"Guns & God: Lines in the Sand" & SSW - merchandise

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"Guns & God: Lines in the Sand" - The Preface

FREE! Fans can now access a free copy of the elusive Preface to the novel right here! It was not included in the published work so as to not distract from the mystique of fully experiencing this adult crime-thriller novel! Take your pick: PDF or MP3! You can even listen to it while you're on the road!

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"Guns & God: Lines in the Sand" - the family trees

FREE! Fans can now access a free copy of the Rose and Barton family trees here! They are in the Appendices to the novel, but if you prefer a larger .pdf version, here they are!

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